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#210 : Jugement

Charlotte est déterminée à voir Lucifer quitter la Terre et retourne Chloe contre lui. Pendant ce temps, Amenadiel devient le soldat de Charlotte, poussant Maze à remettre en question sa loyauté.


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Quid Pro Ho

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Lucifer, Chloe & Penelope (Tom Ellis, Lauren German & Rebecca De Mornay)

Lucifer, Chloe & Penelope (Tom Ellis, Lauren German & Rebecca De Mornay)

Lucifer amuse les témoins (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer amuse les témoins (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer amuse les témoins (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer amuse les témoins (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer jure de dire toute la vérité (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer jure de dire toute la vérité (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer jure de dire toute la vérité (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer jure de dire toute la vérité (Tom Ellis)

Charlotte Richards au tribunal (Tricia Helfer)

Charlotte Richards au tribunal (Tricia Helfer)

Charlotte Richards débarque au tribunal (Tricia Helfer)

Charlotte Richards débarque au tribunal (Tricia Helfer)

Lucifer, Chloe & Penelope (Tom Ellis, Lauren German & Rebecca De Mornay) au tribunal

Lucifer, Chloe & Penelope (Tom Ellis, Lauren German & Rebecca De Mornay) au tribunal

Lucifer & Chloe dînent ensemble

Lucifer & Chloe dînent ensemble

Lucifer & Chloe dînent ensemble

Lucifer & Chloe dînent ensemble

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Chloe (Lauren German)

Chloe (Lauren German)

Lucifer, Dan & Maze en mission

Lucifer, Dan & Maze en mission

Chloe & Trixie

Chloe & Trixie


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Guest :

Alex Fernandez as Deputy Warden Perry Smith
Rebecca De Mornay as Penelope Decker
Sharif Atkins as Prosecutor Earl Steadman
Karin Konoval as Judge Vicky Estrada
Elfina Luk as Madame Chunhua Li
Joe Allard as Bailiff
Leigh Bush as Reporter
Don Lex as Kang
Murry Peeters as Janet

Réalisateur : Nathan Hope
Scénariste : Ildy Modrovitch & Julia Fontana

Charlotte is about to blow up Chloe’s car. She doesn’t have her keys.

Valet: Excuse me.

Chloe: Yeah.

Valet: I'll get it for you.

Chloe: Thank you.

Amenadiel stops her mother.

Amenadiel: You can't kill her, Mom.

Charlotte: Well, of course I can. I just press this button.

Amenadiel: Mom, please... Give me the detonator.

Charlotte: No. This little bug is the reason that Lucifer doesn't want to go home. Squash her, problem solved.

Amenadiel: Are you really gonna make me force it away from you?

Charlotte: Trust me, you don't want to do that.

Amenadiel: But I can't let you kill Chloe, Mom.

Charlotte suspends Amenadiel.

Amenadiel: Since when can you...

Charlotte: I tried to warn you. Apparently, paltry human flesh can't contain my divinity. Oh, here we go. Bomb's in the car. So exciting.

Amenadiel: Mom, stop! I am trying to help you. I know Lucifer better than he knows himself and if you kill Chloe, he won't rest until he finds out who did it and when he does, Mom, he will hate you forever.

Charlotte: Come on. One little human can't mean more to him than his family.

Amenadiel: He killed Uriel to protect her.

Charlotte: Well... What's so damn special about this one?

Amenadiel: That I don't know. But, Mom, the bottom line is if we want Luci to go home with us, then we need to make sure that it's his decision to leave Chloe behind.

Chloe drives away.

Charlotte: Well, that was anticlimactic. So, I need to find a more subtle way to end Lucifer's silly crush.

Lucifer has a session with Linda.

Linda: Tell me everything.

Lucifer: Well, there's... Nothing to say, really.

Linda: You had a date... With Chloe. That's a big deal, Lucifer. I need to hear about it. You know, as your therapist.

Lucifer: Well, for one, I wouldn't say it was a big deal and... It wasn't a date, just dinner... More like a snack, actually, between friends.

Linda: Oh, how was the food? I've heard their branzino is amazing.

Lucifer: Well, yeah, it's... Hard to say, really.

Linda: Too caught up in the moment to notice?

Lucifer: Caught up, in-in a way, yes.

Linda: You chickened out, didn't you?

Lucifer: What? I'm the Devil, Doctor. I don't chicken out. I just simply thought that she should enjoy the food without any… Distractions.

Linda: Listen, you know, I get it. Our last breakthrough spooked you and now you're running scared.

Lucifer: I don't "run scared" any more than I "chicken."

Linda: Not literally. But you're avoiding the truth. Also known as lying.

Lucifer: That I know I don't do... Ever.

Linda: But yet... You are lying, Lucifer... To yourself.

Chloe opens her door. Lucifer enters.

Lucifer: I owe you an explanation.

Chloe: Really? Why? Was it for... Leaving me all alone at a restaurant so the busboy could give me pitiful glances all night? I know what your explanation is and I don't want to know her name, especially not today.

Lucifer: Actually, Detective, that isn't what I was going to say, I...

Chloe: Look, Lucifer, I don't have time for this. I was just on my way out. Besides, this is my fault. I should've known how selfish and thoughtless you can be.

Penelope: Lucifer. How thoughtful.

Lucifer: Penelope.

Penelope: You are the sweetest to come support us on such a difficult day.

Lucifer: Oh.

Chloe: I bet you an arm and a leg, Mom, that he has no idea what today is.

Lucifer: Well, that's rather unwise of you to wager your lovely extremities, Detective. Particularly as I'm perfectly aware of what today is, actually. It's a very difficult day... Because...

Chloe: Today.

Lucifer: Today is...

Chloe: The first day.

Lucifer: The first day...

Chloe: Of the of... Trial of.

Lucifer: The trial of...

Chloe: My dad's killer.

Lucifer: My dad's killer! Nietzsche? No, wait. Your dad's killer. Yes, no, I knew that. I knew that. That's why I'm here, to support you. Not talk about myself 'cause that would be selfish.

Chloe: Yeah.

Lucifer: So... Consider me an emotional jockstrap for the Decker family jewels.

Ella meets Daniel at the station.

Daniel: Hey.

Ella: Hmm, someone's chirpy for a Monday morning.

Daniel: Yes, I am.

Ella: Why? What's going on?

Daniel: What, do I need an excuse to be happy?

Ella: Hmm, I mean, you're whistling. You've been... Working out lately.

Daniel: Mm.

Ella: Musk-scented aftershave. Did you... Get laid?

Daniel: No.

Ella: Oh, no, no. Don't waste your poker face on me, buddy. I know that grin.

Daniel: I'm still in shock.

Ella: I knew it.

Daniel: She's gorgeous.

Ella: Yeah, well, it's not like you're Quasimodo.

Daniel: No, no, no, no. Trust me, she is way out of my league. I mean, she is goddess-like. And she came back for seconds.

Ella: Then maybe she's the one who sent you the mystery package.

Daniel: A mystery package?

Ella: Mm-hmm.

Daniel walks to his desk.

Daniel: I don't recognize the return address.

He opens the package.

Daniel: Oh, jeez. God!

Ella: Wish I could say it was my first.

Ella takes the head in the package.

Daniel: That's Boris. Chloe's gonna lose it.

Lucifer and Chloe are sitting in the court.

Lucifer: So poised. The Detective obviously gets her strength from you.

Penelope: This? It's just acting. Sadly, I've had... Practice. I played this role before, 16 years ago.

Lucifer: Well, maybe it's like butt stuff… Easier the second time around.

Chloe: The severed head of Boris Sokolov just arrived at the precinct.

Penelope: That's horrible! Who's Boris?

Chloe: He's the prosecution's key witness. He's our key witness. He was the only person that could connect Perry to the Russian gang. I mean, without him, the entire case could fall apart.

Penelope: Oh, God.

Lucifer: How very convenient for Mr. Perry.

Mr. Perry enters in the court.

Chloe: This is the worst thing that could be happening right now.

Charlotte enters in the court. She’s Perry’s lawyer.

Lucifer: What are you up to now, Mother?

Chloe: I had no idea Charlotte Richards was defending Perry. Wishing we hadn't saved her life about now.

Lucifer: Well, not to worry, Detective. I hear Charlotte is a changed woman since her disappearance, so... Maybe she's not the shark she once was. At least not in the courtroom.

Officer: All rise. Court is now in session. The Honourable Judge Estrada presiding.

Judy Estrada: Given the sudden death of the State's number one witness, I assume the defense is moving for a dismissal?

Charlotte: A motion for dismissal? Why would I want that, Your Honour?

Lucifer: Looks like Jaws has been harpooned.

Charlotte: My apologies.  I'm a little... Out of practice. Um... Oh, I see. You're saying that with Boris dead, the State doesn't have enough evidence to proceed? So, if I don't move for dismissal, then he'll probably make a complete fool of himself?

Earl Steadman: Your Honour, our case was and still is unshakable. The State has plenty of other evidence that'll prove 16 years ago, the defendant, Perry Smith, murdered Officer John Decker and paid Joe Fields to go to prison for that crime. Oh, and when Fields wanted out of their deal, Perry also killed him. Your Honour, with all due respect, granting a dismissal would be ludicrous. Boris Sokolov's death, while undoubtedly tragic, changes nothing.

Charlotte: Well, the defense agrees.

Lucifer: What?

Charlotte: His death doesn't change a single thing. With or without Mr. Sokolov's testimony, my client should never have been charged with these crimes.

Judy Estrada: Well... Seeing as both parties agree, the trial will proceed immediately.

Earl Steadman: Actually, Your Honour, the State would like to, uh, request a continuance. In light of the death of our key witness, our office needs time to, uh, re-examine its strategy.

Charlotte: But I'm confused, Your Honour. Didn't we just hear the prosecution say their case was "unshakable"?

Judy Estrada: We did. Request denied. Session will resume after lunch.

Lucifer walks with Charlotte.

Lucifer: What the hell are you doing, Mother?

Charlotte: Oh, calm down, Lucifer. This isn't pleasant for me, either.

Lucifer: Oh, yes, I can see you're suffering terribly.

Charlotte: I was good up there, wasn't I? Not sure why humans spend so much time in law school. Two nights seemed plenty.

Lucifer: Mum.

Charlotte: I had to find a way to open your eyes. You need to see that this Chloe you so adore isn't worthy of you.

Lucifer: I admit I enjoy working with her, but adore, that's a bit much.

Charlotte: Oh, please. You've sacrificed more for her than you ever have for anyone else. Have you forgotten? You killed your brother, my son, to protect her. Do you think there's anything even remotely similar that she would do for you?

Lucifer: I suppose... I don't know.

Charlotte: Well, if all goes according to plan in that courtroom, you will know. Know that she doesn't deserve you, because she doesn't care about you like you care about her. You need to see that you're not meant to be together. You belong with your family. Which is why I have to do this.

Lucifer: Do what, Mum? What sort of evil plan are you concocting? And please don't tell me it began by killing Boris.

Charlotte: Oh, actually, that was just a happy twist of fate. I was gonna blow Chloe up, but Amenadiel talked me out of it.

Lucifer: You what?! Mother, I swear, if you hurt her, I will rip...

Lucifer’s eyes are glowing.

Charlotte: Well, looks like your brother was right.

Lucifer: Just promise me that you won't touch her.

Charlotte: I'm not going to hurt anyone.

Charlotte walks away. Chloe comes.

Chloe: Lucifer, you promise me, whatever that was, that it doesn't affect the trial.

Lucifer: First of all, Detective, there is no "that." And secondly, rest assured, everything will be okay… I've got this.

Lucifer goes to speak with Earl Steadman.

Chloe is looking for Ella’s report in the lab.

Daniel: You looking for Boris' forensics report?

Chloe: Uh-huh.

Daniel: Hasn't come in yet. Ella should have it any minute now.

Chloe: I know this isn't my case, but I'm freaking out, Dan. I can't let Perry get away with everything.

Daniel: You won't.

Chloe: You didn't see Charlotte Richards in court today.

Daniel: Char...? I'm sorry. Uh, Charlotte Richards is, uh, defending Perry?

Chloe: Yeah.

Ella: Really? She's that good?

Chloe: Yes, she's the best. Which is why it would be helpful if we could... Well, if you could tie Perry to Boris' murder.

Ella: Okay, well, motive and M.O. line up. Boris' tongue was cut out. So the killer was sending a really clear message... Loose lips get their head clipped.

Chloe: Perry did this so Boris couldn't testify, I know it.

Ella: But hasn't he been behind bars since you arrested him?

Daniel: Yeah, but he could have orchestrated it in prison. It's also his M.O.

Chloe: Exactly, and if Perry is good at anything, it's making other people pay for his crimes.

Ella: Okay, well, whoever Perry hired to do this was one sharp dude. The cut on Boris' neck is extremely precise. I'm thinking industrial-size professional slicer.

Daniel: Listen, I'm gonna do everything I can to find him. Even if I have to interview the owner of every single meat slicer in L.A.

Ella: You won't have to. There was also non-human DNA on Boris. Swine, to be exact. A unique cross-bred for its delicious meat. And there's only one place that sells it.

Lucifer is waiting for Chloe at the courthouse.

Lucifer: Ah!

Chloe: Hi. That's so sweet of you, but you don't have to stick around. Trials can be so boring.

Lucifer: Well, not this one.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Earl Steadman: Mr. Morningstar, we're ready for you.

Lucifer: Wonderful. Lovely. Right. Off I go to shield you from that Quid Pro Ho, Detective.

Chloe: Lucifer, what are you doing?

Lucifer: Well, I figured there's no reason for us to lose our heads just because Boris lost his.

Lucifer is testified.

Lucifer: I swear to tell the truth, he whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Dad.

Earl Steadman: Mr. Morningstar, you were there when Boris was arrested. Right? Working with Detective Espinoza.

Lucifer: That is correct. Except I call him Detective Douche. But that's another story.

Earl Steadman: So would you please describe to us what happened?

Lucifer: Yes, I'd love to, actually. May-may I have the floor?

Earl Steadman: By all means.

Lucifer: Thank you… I'm going to need... Hello. May I borrow your scarf?

Charlotte: Your Honour, is this necessary?

Lucifer: Well, you want the full story, don't you? I mean, the Devil's in the details… Thank you ever so much… Right. Myself and Detective Douche... Sorry, Detective Espinoza... Were asked by the LAPD to perform a sting operation. Not the singer. So we had to go undercover at Boris' bathhouse… Guns of steel...Got up there... Walked over like he's constantly got a gun between his legs... Boris looked me in the eye, and he said, "People call me human lie detector." He was going to kill... Shook my hand like some kind of Roman warrior... And it was sealed, and I handed over the investigation to Detective Decker… Thank you.

Everybody applauses.

Ella and Daniel are waiting in a food shop.

Daniel: I got a question. Do you ever get the feeling like you've been used?

Ella: You mean, by... Oh, I don't know... The woman who's defending the killer of your ex-wife's dad?

Daniel: What?

Ella: Charlotte Richards is the gorgeous lady you slept with, right?

Daniel: How the hell did you know that?

Ella: Well, I saw a long, honey-blonde hair on your coat the other day. It was curlier than Chloe's. And then, I spotted a smudge of lipstick on your cuff... Burgundy shade. Bold, but not too sexy. Lawyer colour.

Daniel: Really?

Ella: No. I just saw your butt pucker when Chloe mentioned her name in the lab this morning.

Daniel: God.

Ella: Why are you so worried? I mean, you didn't tell her anything about the case that she could use in court, right?

Daniel: I don't think so, but...

Ella: There you go.

Daniel: Mezcal cocktails, man.

Ella: Oof. Those sneak up on you.

Daniel: She did keep wanting to talk about our exes, and all I thought was, you know what, she's so easy to talk to. She's so sympathetic. God, I'm such an idiot.

Ella: Hey...

Daniel: No, her taking Perry's case right after we... It can't be a coincidence.

Ella: Why not? Maybe she really just likes you.

Daniel: Yeah.

Butcher: 44.

Ella: Hi. We'll take the headless body of a dude named Boris, please.

Butcher: I was going to call you guys. I was just... Scared. A few days ago, this guy approached me. Big creepy dude. He demanded the keys to use the equipment after hours. No questions asked, unless I wanted to end up in the sausage myself.

Daniel: Do you know his name?

Butcher: No. Asian, big. Very scary… But the scar on his neck it's very distinctive.

The trial continues.

Earl Steadman: Thank you, Mr. Morningstar. What a, uh, vivid picture. It's almost as if Boris himself just testified.

Judy Estrada: Except a more handsome version.

Lucifer: Oh, stop it, Judy.

Earl Steadman: Thank you.

Lucifer: Right actually, to that, I would like to add one more thing, if I may...

Charlotte: I think we've had enough, Your Honour.

Judy Estrada: Shh! Please... Continue Luc... Mr. Morningstar.

Lucifer: Thank you, my darling… Yes, I'd just like to say, for the record, the LAPD, and Detective Decker, in particular, acted impeccably on this case. This whole courtroom, nay, the entire city can rest assured that someone as honest, trustworthy, and reliable as Detective Decker is out there protecting them. She is... Truly good… And I don't mean in bed. I wouldn't know. That's how good she is.

Earl Steadman: Thank you. Miss Richards? Your witness.

Charlotte: I have no questions at this time.

Amenadiel runs to Chloe’s car to take off the bomb.

Maze: Hey! That's Chloe's car. What are you looking for?

Amenadiel: Hey. I was, um...You. I was looking for you.

Maze: Really?

Amenadiel: Yeah, I've missed you… It's true, I still think about you, Maze. Every day. And every time that I see you, it's...

Maze: I miss you, too.

They kiss and Maze takes the bomb button in Amenadiel’s pocket.

Maze: It's like fireworks, isn't it? But are you sure that's the kind you're looking for? Or was it this?

She blows up Amenadiel’s car.

Maze: One... Tell your mother no one is hurting Chloe on my watch. And, two... Don't ever lie to me like that again.

The trial continues.

Earl Steadman: And what did Boris have to say when you interrogated him?

Daniel: He confessed that he routinely provided fall guys for the Russian gang that runs the prison where the defendants worked since the late '90s.

Earl Steadman: And is there anything else that is remarkable about this prison?

Daniel: It is the very prison whose corruption John Decker was investigating when he was murdered 16 years ago.

Earl Steadman: Holy cow. It's all so coincidental, isn't it? Just like the odd timing of Boris' murder. I withdraw that, Your Honour. No further questions. Thank you, Detective.

Charlotte: I have no questions for this witness.

Earl Steadman: The prosecution rests, Your Honour.

Judy Estrada: Your turn to shine, Ms. Richards.

Charlotte: As its first witness, the defense would like to recall Lucifer Morningstar.

Lucifer: Oh, it's fine.

Charlotte: Just one small question, Mr. Morningstar. And please remember that you're still under oath. Who was first on the Fields crime scene?

Lucifer: First on the scene was the Detective, I believe.

Charlotte: I'm sorry, which detective?

Lucifer: Detective Decker.

Charlotte: Are you sure? How do you know?

Lucifer: Quite sure. Yeah, she told me.

Charlotte: It's kind of strange, isn't it, for the man accused of killing John Decker to be found dead by Decker's own daughter, Chloe Decker?

Earl Steadman: Objection, Your Honour. Relevance?

Charlotte: I'm getting to that. Would you please read who, according to the official police report, was the first officer on the scene?

Penelope: What's wrong?

Chloe: I'll tell you later.

Lucifer: Well, it says Detective Espinoza.

Charlotte: I thought you said Chloe Decker was an impeccable detective.

Earl Steadman: Objection, Your Honour!

Lucifer: No, I-I'd like to answer that. She is. That's why she took herself off the investigation immediately.

Charlotte: But not until after she'd found her dad's killer dead?

Earl Steadman: Objection!

Charlotte: What's he objecting to... Air quotes? I'm simply stating that if what we just heard is true, then there's a very plausible alternative story to the one that the State is presenting. Chloe Decker had motive, opportunity, and the LAPD to protect her and help her frame an innocent man for her personal vendetta.

Earl Steadman: With all due respect, Your Honour, Chloe Decker is not on trial here.

Charlotte: And my client shouldn't be, either. Because it appears he is the victim of the LAPD's incompetence… Unless, of course, the report is right, and it is you that is lying, Mr. Morningstar?

Lucifer: What you're implying is preposterous. The Detective would never hurt anyone… But yes. What I said is the truth. Under oath or otherwise. I don't lie.

Lucifer runs after Chloe.

Lucifer: Detective? Please.

Chloe: Trust me, you do not want to talk to me right now.

Lucifer: You're right, I don't. You look scary. But look, I apologize for my controversial testimony, but I was clearly bamboozled. You didn't expect me to lie on the stand, did you?

Chloe: It's not about your answers. It's about Charlotte's questions. She wouldn't have even asked them unless she already knew I was first on scene. Let's see. Who could've told her?

Lucifer: Detective, I didn't.

Chloe: You say that, but you also said your relationship with Charlotte wouldn't affect this trial… It just did.

Lucifer: Detective!

Daniel goes to talk with Charlotte.

Daniel: Charlotte? How could you do this to me?

Charlotte: What exactly? I've done several things to you.

Daniel: Did you sleep with me to get intel on this case?

Charlotte: Of course, but it's not like you didn't get anything out of it. "Mind altering," I believe you called it.

Daniel: Yeah, literally, apparently. Because I don't remember telling you anything about this case. Did you roofie me or something?

Charlotte: I didn't need to. I've learned sex puts your gender into a mild coma. Offered the perfect window to go through your phone. So, maybe... Next time, you should put your phone away before we have the sex.

Daniel: "Next time"?

Charlotte: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Are you insane?

Charlotte: You tell me.

Amenadiel meets Linda in her office.

Linda: I wish I could say that I'm surprised Maze blew up your car. She is... Maze.

Amenadiel: I know, right? Slightest provocation, and she turns into a little...

Linda: Hellion?

Amenadiel: Exactly.

Linda: Let me ask you though... Why do you think that she reacted so... Passionately?

Amenadiel: Because she's a complete maniac fuelled by rage and violence.

Linda: Now, as your friend, not your... Therapist, you feel you did nothing at all to anger her?

Amenadiel: Well, s... Maybe not nothing. I may have obscured the truth a bit.

Linda: Otherwise known as lying.

Amenadiel: Linda, I had no choice. You have to understand that.

Linda: Oh, I do. Oh, I do. You were... You were dealing with matters of great importance. So important, you feel justified to act any way you see fit. Even if that means hurting people you care about. You "did what you had to do."

Amenadiel: That's, uh... That's what I did to you… I treated Maze the same way that I treated you.

Linda: Yeah, except I'm just your friend. And Maze is... Well, more. So, it's way worse.

Amenadiel: And as my friend, your advice is?

Linda: Apologize your ass off. Or next time, she might blow that up.

At the penthouse, Maze is pissed of by Charlotte.

Maze: Maybe you don't understand. Mommy Dearest tried to kill Chloe.

Lucifer: Oh, I understand. She told me.

Maze: She did?

Lucifer: Yes. We're past that. What I don't understand, though, is how the Detective can think I'm the one who leaked sensitive information to my mum. How could she?

Maze: Yeah, Chloe's the bad guy.

Lucifer: Mm. If only I knew who really gave Mom that information.

Daniel comes.

Maze: Right. If only.

Lucifer: Oh! Good. You came.

Maze: Yes, he did. Thanks for coming, Dan. Anything up lately?

Daniel: I don't know. You tell me. Lucifer called me here.

Lucifer: Yes. Well, I was thinking, as my testimony didn't go quite as planned, that it might help fix things to prove that Perry was behind Boris' killing.

Daniel: Already working on it, man.

Lucifer: Fantastic! Well then, please tell me you have some scintillating cop-speak on how to accomplish that tiny task.

Daniel: Well, uh, the guy who chopped Boris's head off had this scar. It's actually a brand. Signature of the Alhambra Triads, they're a Chinese crime syndicate. Lots of them were in the prison that Perry ran. Triads hate the Russians, so makes sense to pit them against each other.

Maze: Yeah. You should definitely probe this angle.

Daniel: Mm. Rumours are they use a Chinese cultural center as a front.

Lucifer: Right. Well, let's start there then, shall we?

Daniel, Maze and Lucifer walk to meet the boss of the Alhambra Triads.

Daniel: These guys are notoriously violent, so let's try to get in and out as quickly as possible, all right?

Maze: Oh, speaking of "in and out," this case really seems to be touching you, Dan. You know, in a very personal way.

Daniel: All right. Shh. Yeah. It's personal, obviously. Just try to keep it down, all right?

Maze: Well, it's almost like you want to take Charlotte Richards down yourself. Like, way down, and give her a hard time.

Daniel: What are you trying to say, Maze?

Lucifer: Yes, what are you driving at, Maze?

Maze: "Driving at." Good one. N-No. I'm just... Really impressed with how much Dan wants to penetrate this thing from every position.

Daniel: You know?

Maze: Oh, yeah.

Lucifer: Know what?

Maze: I bet that's what she said, didn't she? Oh, yeah! Oh, Dan! Big boy.

Daniel: All right, all right! Fine… Yes. It's my fault… I leaked the information to Charlotte.

Maze: Among other things.

Daniel: I'm why she knew Chloe was first at the scene. She must have looked at my text messages after we...

Lucifer: You what?

Daniel: Made... Love.

Lucifer: You slept with my... M-arlotte? You bastard!

Lucifer attacks Daniel.

Daniel: Whoa!

They get through the door. All the men in the house target them with guns.

Lucifer: Oh, now look what you've done. Wha...? Da-da... Don't be a Dan. I'll deal with this. Right. Which one of you chaps is in charge? Oh, very well. [Speaking Chinese]

Daniel: You speak Chinese? What...?

Lucifer: I'm the Devil. Of course I speak Chinese. I speak everything. [Speaking Chinese] Lucifer Morningstar. [Speaking Chinese]

Chunhua Li: [Speaking Chinese]

Lucifer: Lovely.

Chunhua Li: Furen Li Chunhua.

Lucifer: [Speaking Chinese] Daniel.

Daniel: What's he saying over there?

Maze: No idea.

Lucifer: Xie xie… Okeydokes. I think I've brokered a fair deal. Madame Li is gonna give us the man who killed Boris. All we have to do is defeat Kang.

Daniel: And who the hell is Kang?

A man approaches.

Daniel: And who's supposed to fight him? Aww, hell no.

Lucifer: No, no. Much as I'd like to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Douche, I'd actually like to win this. I was pointing at Maze.

Maze: Why not?

Daniel: Okay, sure. She's terrifying. But what happens if we lose?

Lucifer: They kill us. Well, you. 'Cause I'm immortal. Right. Shall we?

Kang: Choose your weapon.

Maze: I choose those.

Kang makes a little demonstration to Maze.

Maze: You done?

They fight.

Kang: Hoo-ah.

Lucifer: She likes that move.

Maze wins the fight.

Lucifer: Down, girl.

Maze: Are you serious?

Lucifer: Well, I mean, you did get two new toys.

Chunhua Li: Well, that sucked.

Lucifer: Hmm?

Chunhua Li: But a deal's a deal.

Lucifer: Indeed.

Chunhua Li: The one you seek was banished for working outside the family. We don't break bread with strangers… You'll find him at this address.

Lucifer: Xie Xie.

Chunhua Li: No problem.

Lucifer: See? Easy peasy, Chinese-y.

Chloe and Penelope are walking at the courthouse.

Chloe: Dan's got a lead on Boris' killer, and it may implicate Perry. So, if he is responsible, it might not matter what happens in this trial.

Penelope: Well, that's great, 'cause we are getting our asses kicked.

Chloe: Well. I have to testify next. I just hope I don't make things worse.

Penelope: Oh, you'll do great, honey. You're a pro.

Chloe: Right, Mom. A real pro. Like when I followed the prison van. Mom, what if I'm the reason Dad's killer goes free?

Penelope: Don't you dare. No father in the world was more proud of his daughter than your dad. And nothing you could do in that courtroom or anywhere will ever change that.

Chloe: I just miss him. I want him to get the justice he deserves.

Charlotte: Justice is what we all want, dear. For your father, and for my client.

Penelope: You're a mother. Aren't you?

Charlotte: Yes.

Penelope: Then shame on you.

Charlotte: We need to talk.

Daniel and Lucifer are walking in the street.

Daniel: Man, he better be here. If we can convince him to give up Perry, I won't feel so bad about having slept with Charl...

Lucifer: La la la la! No more talk of that disgusting offense, please.

They enter in a building.

Daniel: I thought you said you hadn't slept with her.

Lucifer: I haven't, wouldn't ever. I'm just upset for the Detective.

Daniel: What, you think I'm not? I would do anything to right this.

Lucifer: I know you would.

Daniel: LAPD! Put your hands where I can see 'em!

They find dead bodies.

Daniel: Whoa!

Lucifer: Well, looks like we found Boris, at the head of the table, ironically.

Daniel: And that's Da Young. I'd say we were right. Perry hired him to go behind the Triad's back to kill Boris, knowing that they'd punish him for it.

Lucifer: Clever Perry, killed two birds with one stone. Three, if you count the chicken.

Chloe and Charlotte have a discussion at the courthouse.

Chloe: You've got a lot of nerve.

Charlotte: Yes, I've been told. And legs for days. Now, listen, you're losing bad. Without Boris, the prosecution's evidence is mostly circumstantial. And, unfortunately for you, Lucifer's testimony basically handed me a non-guilty verdict. This trial is over.

Chloe: Maybe. But the investigation into that monster that you call a client is ongoing. So one way or another, he wi...

Chloe receives a text from Daniel.

Charlotte: Hmm. Bad news? I may have a solution… My client isn't fully aware we're winning. However, he is more than aware that he's facing the death penalty. And we both know he's a coward. I could use the possibility of a lethal injection to get him to plead guilty.

Chloe: You're supposed to be on his side. Why are you doing this?

Charlotte: Well, there is one condition. You'd have to betray Lucifer… So... You want Perry to go to jail, call Lucifer a liar.

Chloe: "A liar"?

Charlotte: If there's one thing he cares about more than anything, it's his honour… See you in court.

Chloe is testified.

Charlotte: Detective Decker, Lucifer Morningstar is your partner, correct?

Chloe: Yes. He's a civilian consultant for the LAPD. We work cases together.

Charlotte: And how is he qualified for this role?

Chloe: He is very, uh, intuitive… He, um, understands people's desires.

Charlotte: And in addition to that, I assume he studied law enforcement?

Chloe: Not to my knowledge, no.

Charlotte: Oh, okay. But he has a professional background, which is somehow relevant to law enforcement?

Chloe: He owns a nightclub.

Charlotte: Okay, but then, I'm sure his previous job was more relevant to his role as a civilian consultant for the LAPD? Right?

Chloe: Mm. Well, if you believe his claims that he used to run Hell... Then yes, he's accustomed to punishing bad guys.

Lucifer: It's true.

Charlotte: I'm confused, Detective. Are you suggesting your partner is delusional, or just lying?

Chloe: Lucifer Morningstar is many things, but he is not a liar. Everything that Mr. Morningstar said on this stand is absolutely true. I was the first person on that crime scene. And, yes, I shouldn't have been anywhere near it. But I... Let my emotions get the best of me… Lucifer is the... Best partner I have ever had. And I can only hope that he can count on me as much as I count on him.

Earl Steadman: Your Honour, we request the jury be instructed to disregard Detective Decker's entire testimony.

Judy Estrada: We'll take a ten-minute recess.

Perry Smith is free.

Journalist: Harry, are you surprised by that "not guilty" verdict?

Perry Smith: No. I'm never surprised to see justice served. I believe in our legal system. And now I can finally return to my family a free man, so, if you'll excuse me.

Journalists: Detective Decker… Detective Decker…

Amenadiel brings flowers to Maze but he meets Penelope.

Amenadiel: I'm sorry to bother you, um, I was, um... I'm looking for Maze. Do you know what apartment she lives in?

Penelope: Oh, yes, but she's not home. Why, did you get in a fight? I'm sorry, it's none of my business. It's just, my husband... Always gave me flowers after an argument.

Amenadiel: Are you all right?

Penelope: I used to believe everything happens for a reason. But now, I'm not so sure.

Amenadiel: Me, neither. But I do know that no matter how bad things get, the true test is how we choose to respond to the pain we suffer… Or inflict.

Penelope: That's well said. Maze is a lucky girl… Hope she forgives you.

Amenadiel: Ha! Huh.

Penelope: I'm sorry, you... You look really familiar. I'm Chloe's mom? Have we met?

Amenadiel: No, I don't believe we have. I never forget a face… If you'll excuse me, I have to go.

Penelope: Oh.

Perry Smith gets out of a club. He meets Daniel in the street.

Perry Smith: Good night, Rosie.

Daniel: Perry Smith. I know you had Boris killed… I also know you're responsible for the murder of Jill Fields and John Decker.

Perry Smith: Aw, such a shame there's no evidence, right? The system kind of needs proof.

Daniel: Yeah. You clean your mess, we got nada. But you know who's okay with nada? Or shall I say nichego? Yeah, that's right. You see, the Russians, they don't like it when one of their own is taken out without permission… But who knows? Maybe they won't hear about it.

Daniel leaves the Russians come and kidnap Perry Smith.

Perry Smith: Whoa. Aah!

Daniel gets in Maze’s car.

Maze: My pleasure, Meesha. Dozvidanya… I didn't think you had it in you. I'm impressed.

Daniel: Drive.

Amenadiel is waiting for his mother at her office.

Amenadiel: You were right. You are nothing like Father.

Charlotte: Oh? What changed your mind?

Amenadiel: If I tell you this, you have to come completely clean with me, Mother. No more secrets, Mom. No more lies.

Charlotte: Okay. What happened?

Amenadiel: 35 years ago, Father, He asked me to come down here to bless a couple who was unable to have a child. He had never asked me to do anything of this sort, and He never did again… Today... I met the mother again... And I found out what the result of that miracle was… Or, rather, who.

Chloe enters in the Penthouse.

Chloe: Oh, hey.

Lucifer: Detective.

Chloe: Sorry, I thought...

Lucifer: What are you doing here?

Chloe: Are you on your way out?

Lucifer: I am, yes.

Chloe: Oh...

Lucifer: To see you, actually.

Chloe: Oh.

Lucifer: I believe I owe you dinner.

Charlotte discovers the truth about Chloe.

Charlotte: Now we know why Chloe's so special. Don't we? Your Father put her here. In Lucifer's path. You know what this means?

Amenadiel: It means... That I was a pawn.

Lucifer and Chloe have dinner.

Lucifer: Say when.

Chloe: When! When.

Lucifer: I hope you know it takes months to get a reservation at this place.

Chloe: Oh, yeah. The fries are amazing.

Lucifer: Oh, thank you. I made them myself.

At Charlotte’s office.

Charlotte: It means Chloe's not an obstacle… She's how you'll get your wings back. She's how we'll get it all back.

At the penthouse.

Lucifer: Detective? What you said today in the courtroom...

Chloe takes Lucifer’s hand.

Chloe: It was the truth.

At Charlotte’s office.

Charlotte: We're going home, son. And Chloe is the Key.

Chloe and Lucifer are about to kiss each other.

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Au top cet épisode !

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On comprend pourquoi Maman (j'ai du mal à l'appeler Charlotte) a couché avec Dan. Elle essaye aussi de manipuler Charlotte mais n'y arrive pas. Et ça nous donne même droit à une super déclaration au tribunal.

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