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#213 : Une belle journée pour mourir

Lucifer cherche un antidote au poison du Professeur avant qu'il ne tue Chloe, mission qui l'emmène en enfer pour localiser l'âme du Professeur. Alors qu'il est là-bas, il confronte sa culpabilité au sujet de la mort d'Uriel. Pendant ce temps, Charlotte voyage vers l'enfer pour ramener Lucifer, qui se sent trahi par ses parents après une découverte révélatrice.



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Titre VO
A Good Day to Die

Titre VF
Une belle journée pour mourir

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Deleted scene


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Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Trixie rend visite à sa mère (Scarlett Estevez)

Trixie rend visite à sa mère (Scarlett Estevez)

Amenadiel réconforte Trixie

Amenadiel réconforte Trixie

Lucifer & Amenadiel à l’hôpital

Lucifer & Amenadiel à l’hôpital

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) prend soin de Chloe & Trixie

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) prend soin de Chloe & Trixie

Chloe (Lauren German) hospitaliser

Chloe (Lauren German) hospitaliser

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer)

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer)

Amenadiel (DB Woodside)

Amenadiel (DB Woodside)

Dan Espinoza & Lucifer (Kevin Alejandro)

Dan Espinoza & Lucifer (Kevin Alejandro)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer & Amenadiel à l’hôpital

Lucifer & Amenadiel à l’hôpital

Trixie rencontre Amenadiel

Trixie rencontre Amenadiel


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Réalisateur : Alrick Riley
Scénariste : Joe Henderson & Chris Rafferty

Guest :

Michael Imperioli as Uriel
Tim DeKay as Professor Carlisle
Joe Williamson as Burt
Ian Verdun as Mitch
Albert Nicholas as Ricardo

Lucifer drives Chloe to the hospital.

Chloe: Lucifer. The bleeding stopped. You don't have to drive like a maniac.

Lucifer: You've forgotten you've been poisoned, Detective, or has it already reached your brain?

Chloe: Maybe it's just a nosebleed. I mean, I-I... How could the professor have injected me? I didn't get one of his flu shots.

Lucifer: What about when you went after him?

Chloe: Well, I don't know. I tackled him to the ground, we-we struggled for a bit, and, God, I guess if he injected me somehow, it would have to be just...

Chloe finds a sting on her belly.

Lucifer: Ugh.

Chloe: Oh, God.

Lucifer: Everything's gonna be fine once we get to the hospital. Okay?

Chloe: We can't go to the hospital.

Lucifer: What?

Chloe: Lucifer, going to the hospital didn't help any of the other victims… The only thing that's gonna save my life is finding the antidote… Otherwise, I'm...

Lucifer: All right. All right, very well.

Lucifer turns and drives to the police station.

Ella: No judgments, guys, okay? You said come right away, so I came right away. You're lucky I remembered to put on pants... Eventually. So, what's up?

Lucifer: Well, um...

Chloe: Well, we're worried that someone else, um, out there might be poisoned.

Ella: Oh, I doubt it. I asked every hospital in the area to report anything even resembling a poisoning. So far, haven't heard a peep.

Chloe: Well, just to be sure, let's, uh, let's go over what you found at the professor's lab, okay?

Ella: Check it out.

Lucifer: Uh, Detective. We should tell her.

Chloe: No, we can't. She'll freak out. It'll get in the way of the investigation.

Lucifer: I really don't think this is a good idea.

Ella: Are you guys done having your whisper fight? Uh, just make out already and get it over with. Yeesh. So... I did find this syringe on the scene. It had a tiny bit of poison left in it, so, yeah, in theory, someone out there may have been dosed.

Lucifer: Hmm.

Chloe: Okay, but the other poisons had corresponding antidotes, yeah? Did you find anything to match this one?

Ella: I did. Problem is, dude destroyed whatever was inside. Dick move, right? I mean, that's why I'm glad no one's reported to any hospitals, 'cause without the antidote, ugh, they'd end up just like the other victims. You know, first a bloody nose and then fainting spells, followed by seizures...

Lucifer: We get the point.

Ella: And then their guts slowly start boiling, like, literally boiling. It's so gross and nasty, and 24 hours later... Bam, just like that, dead as a doornail.

Lucifer: Got it. Thank you. Yes. You've painting quite the picture, Miss Lopez.

Chloe: Right. Yeah, let's go over everything else from the professor's lab. Okay?

Lucifer: Mm.

Just to see if we've missed anything.

Chloe: Okay? Sure.

Ella: Okay. So...

Chloe: Here we go.

Chloe and Ella are looking for an antidote. Lucifer sees Amenadiel and goes speak to him.

Amenadiel: I got your text. What's so urgent?

Lucifer: Uh... This way. Somewhere we can speak in private.

Lucifer leads Amenadiel in an interview room. He attacks him.

Lucifer: Was this part of Father's plan? Hmm? Answer me, brother, before I rip your spine out and beat you to death with it.

Amenadiel: What are you talking about?

Lucifer: How long... How long have you been manipulating me?

Amenadiel: Mom told you about Chloe?

Lucifer: Oh, that she did. And that you put the detective in my path.

Amenadiel: No, I didn't. Father did… I was just another pawn in His game. I had no idea.

Lucifer: And the detective? Is she simply another pawn as well or is she... Is she?

Amenadiel: She doesn't know anything.

Lucifer lets Amenadiel free.

Amenadiel: Listen. Luci, we've been played like puppets… Father has manipulated us both.

Lucifer: Don't you dare compare our situations.

Amenadiel: All that I have ever wanted to do for all of my existence was make Father proud. I thought I was doing great works in His name. Instead, the very first of His angels was busy making you a little girlfriend.

Lucifer: Oh. Well, my heart bleeds for you.

Amenadiel: We're on the same side here, brother.

Lucifer: Are we? Then be honest with me, brother. How deep does Father's plan go? Is the detective's poisoning part of it?

Amenadiel: Poisoning? I don't know what you're talking about.

Lucifer: You really don't know?

Amenadiel: No.

Lucifer: Then you... You can't help her.

Amenadiel: I'm sorry.

Chloe enters in the interview room.

Chloe: There you are. I've been looking all over for you. Amenadiel. Give us a minute.I ... Have an idea. I need to talk to you… Okay, so the professor's been using this Burt guy to smuggle in the poisons.

Lucifer: What, so you think that Burt might have smuggled the antidotes as well?

Chloe: Yes.

Lucifer: All right. Point me to his prison cell. Perhaps some toilet wine waterboarding or...

Chloe: Well, he's already out on bail, but the good news is, he does have an ankle bracelet so he can't get far.

Chloe coughs.

Lucifer: Detective.

Chloe: I'm fine. We should go.

Burt has a party with his friends.

Burt: They think they can keep me down. Me! Well, screw them! I'll party every night until the trial, and then every day once I'm found...

All: Innocent!

Chloe crashes into Burt.

Chloe: Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Burt: No. No, you can bump into me anytime. Have we met before? Weren't you at that beach party?

Chloe: Yeah. Yeah, I wa... I-I'm stalking you.

Chloe and Burt go upstairs.

Chloe: So, why don't you show me the bedroom?

Burt: You read my mind. So... Oh. Uh.

Chloe’s nose is bleeding.

Burt: Y-You okay?

Chloe: Oh... Um... Yeah, yeah. No, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. What were you saying?

Burt: Uh... Yeah. Yeah, maybe another time.

Chloe: No, that doesn't really work for me.

Chloe hits Burt, pushes him in the bedroom and closes the door.

Burt: Hey, what the hell is this?

Lucifer: Hello, Burtrude. Remember me?

Lucifer interrogates Burt who screams. He gets out of the bedroom.

Chloe: You didn't hurt him, did you?

Lucifer: Physically, no, as I promised.

Chloe: Too bad.

Lucifer: I did get him to talk, but he didn't smuggle the antidote.

Chloe: What? You sure?

Lucifer: Unfortunately, yes, but he did provide me with a lead. The professor hired Burt through some middleman, a chap named Dave Maddox. There's a good chance the professor got the antidotes from him.

Chloe: Oh.

Lucifer: Detective?

Chloe: Oh, sorry. Wait.

Lucifer: You okay?

Chloe: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Lucifer: You sure?

Chloe: Yeah, I'm fine.

Chloe falls down.

Lucifer: Detective! Detective!

Lucifer and Daniel are arguing in Chloe’s hospital bedroom.

Daniel: What the hell were you thinking?

Lucifer: I thought I was being quite responsible bringing her directly to the hospital.

Daniel: You mean after the two of you went off and interrogated a felon on bail?

Lucifer: Well, of course. It was much easier to get her here unconscious. You know how stubborn she can get.

Daniel: It doesn't change the fact that...

Chloe: You guys know that I'm right here, yeah?

Daniel: Hey.

Chloe: Hey.

Daniel: How you feeling?

Chloe: Fine… Lucifer, I told you no hospitals. How am I supposed to find the antidote if I'm laying here... Ow.

Daniel: Shh… We'll take it from here.

Lucifer: Yes. Yes, we will.

Daniel: And we'll start by following up on your lead.

Lucifer: Dave Maddox.

Daniel: Yes.

Chloe: Thank you. Is Trixie here?

Daniel: She should be any minute. I'll go check.

Daniel leaves.

Chloe: I don't want Trixie to get scared seeing me like this. Do I look okay?

Lucifer: You... You look heaven-sent.

Daniel and Lucifer enter in Dave Maddox’s art gallery.

Daniel: Just... Follow my lead and don't do anything unless I say, okay?

Lucifer: If that's what it takes, then you have my word. Dearie me, these are atrocious. What self-respecting artist would actually display these?

Daniel: Dave Maddox isn't a real artist.

Lucifer: To say the least.

Daniel: All this is just a front. See, criminals like Maddox, they use art sales to cover up money transfers. They could demand any price for a piece of art, and in return provide whatever it is their clients really want.

Lucifer: Can he provide an eye bath? I'll need one after this.

Daniel: There he is. Remember what I said.

Lucifer: My word is my bond.

Daniel and Lucifer talk to Dave Maddox.

Daniel: Dave Maddox? We need to talk.

Dave Maddox: Just one moment, all right?

Daniel: No, it's urgent. It's about your other business. Specifically, with Professor Jason Carlisle.

Lucifer: Help us get the professor's antidote, and we'll get out of your children's art festival.

Dave Maddox: Can you just... Give me one minute? Yeah… I... Have no idea what you're talking about.

Daniel: Don't mess with us right now, man, it's my wife...

Lucifer: Ex-wife.

Daniel: My ex-wife's life is on the line.

Dave Maddox: You... So you're trying to help your ex-wife? Something's wrong with you, buddy.

Lucifer: Maybe not the best time to push that particular button.

Dave Maddox: Yeah? If she's anything like my ex, I say let her die.

Daniel punches Dave Maddox in the face.

Lucifer and Daniel are tied un in a room. The bodyguard are hitting Daniel.

Dave Maddox: Now, see, I would do this myself, but painting hand and all that.

Daniel: You are making a big mistake.

Dave Maddox: You're right. I can just find something to hit you with!

Dave Maddox leaves.

Lucifer: Duh! Right, I'm not sure what lead I'm following here, but am I supposed to let them punch me, too?

Daniel: What? No. I screwed up. Okay, Lucifer? I let my anger get the better of me and now Chloe's gonna pay for it.

Lucifer: What, so this isn't some elaborate game of bloody possum?

Daniel: Of course not!

Lucifer: Oh, well, in that case...

Lucifer uncuffs himself.

Daniel: Wait, are you kidding me? You could have gotten out of those this whole time?

Lucifer: Well, of course I could. Right, catch.

Lucifer attacks the bodyguards.

Daniel: Why the hell didn't you stop them from beating the crap out of me?

Lucifer: Because I promised you I wouldn't do anything without your permission.

Daniel: Oh, right. Of course.

Lucifer: Right.

The bodyguards are out. Lucifer uncuffs Daniel. Dave Maddox comes back with a baseball bat.

Dave Maddox: This is gonna have to...

Lucifer: Take a swing and I'll shove that so far up your ass, you'll have splinters in your stool… Right. Since torture takes too long and Dan's already wasted so much time, why don't we speed things along and make a deal? You have something we want. What would you like in return?

Dave Maddox: Wait, what?

Lucifer: Quickly, now. What is it you desire?

Dave Maddox: I want...

Lucifer: Hmm?

Dave Maddox: I-I want someone to buy my art because they actually like it. Clients only buy my paintings because they're forced to as part of our deal, but... I know they just throw 'em away. And treat 'em like trash.

Lucifer: An insult to trash.

Dave Maddox: All I want... More than anything, is just... Is to be treated like a real artist.

Lucifer: Really? That's it? Well, miracles aren't my thing, but I'm sure we can come to an arrangement.

Lucifer buys a paint.

Lucifer: The sacrifices we make for the greater good. What? You're not the one that has to look at this monstrosity every day. Ah.

Dave Maddox: Here you go.

Daniel: What is this?

Dave Maddox: It's the antidote ingredients I gathered for Professor Carlisle.

Daniel: Well, what about the formula?

Dave Maddox: What about it?

Daniel: We need to know the amounts of each ingredient he used. If we get it wrong, it could be lethal.

Dave Maddox: The professor kept the formula all to himself. He liked to brag about how the only place it existed was in his head. You'd... You'd have to ask him.

Daniel: Yeah, well, we can't do that. He's dead.

Dave Maddox: Oh. Um... You still want the painting though, right?

Charlotte joins Lucifer at the hospital.

Charlotte: Amenadiel told me about your detective. I'm sorry, son.

Lucifer: I can't even go in there. I'd have to tell her how monumentally screwed she is. Or... Or lie. And we both know I can't do that.

Charlotte: Well, if it's any consolation, you of all people should know that the man that did this is right where he belongs: suffering in Hell.

Lucifer: You're right. That... That's it.

Charlotte: Well, I'm glad I was able to comfort you.

Lucifer: No, no, Mum, you figured it out. How I'm gonna save the detective.

Charlotte: Um, I'm not sure I understand.

Lucifer: I'm gonna pop down to Hell and have a chat with the professor.

Charlotte: What? How?

Lucifer: Well, it's simple.  All I need to do is die.

Lucifer and his family have a celestial planning sessions in the penthouse.

Lucifer: The plan is simple: you kill me, I go down to Hell, interrogate the professor, get the formula and then you bring me back… Well, come on! Who's in?

Charlotte: This is a terrible idea. I absolutely forbid it.

Maze: I hate to agree with Her Highness, but she's right. You'd be on your own. We both know I can't go down with you.

Lucifer: Well, I went down and came back once before, it wasn't a problem.

Amenadiel: That's because Father brought you back.

Maze: And you didn't go through any of the doors. Once you do, you could be trapped... Forever.

Lucifer: Well, that won't happen, will it? I'm the Lord of Hell, for crying out loud.

Charlotte: You were the Lord of Hell. You've been away quite a long time. You can't be certain that this will work.

Lucifer: What do you think?

Linda: I think... That I followed about half of that… Do you guys do this a lot? Like, celestial planning sessions?

Amenadiel: Oh, apparently not. Otherwise, we would have had a meeting about carelessly revealing our true nature to a human.

Lucifer: Oh...

Amenadiel: Which... She has apparently known about for a while and kept from me.

Linda: Yeah, well, turnabout's fair play.

Lucifer: Hmm.

Linda: Okay, wrapping my brain around this...Lucifer, what makes you so sure you'd go to Hell?

Lucifer: In case you've missed it, doctor, I've been banned from Heaven. There's no where else for me to go.

Linda: And you're sure there's no other way to get there? I mean... I mean, dying?

Lucifer: Well, if anyone has a better suggestion, by all means, speak up now. Quite frankly, I'd prefer to Uber there. But... Look, I am doing this with or without you.

Charlotte: Well, I'm sorry. Having spent millennia in that terrible place, I can't be part of you going back. Not even for a moment.

Lucifer: Fine.

Charlotte: Amenadiel? Are you coming?

Amenadiel: No, Mom, I'm gonna help… Chloe, she doesn't deserve this.

Maze: This is the craziest plan I've ever heard… I'm in.

Charlotte: Doctor, surely you have some sensible advice.

Linda: Um, he's the Devil. Nothing's really been sensible since I found that out.

Charlotte: I will not help you get trapped down there. Not for some insignificant human's life.

Charlotte leaves.

Lucifer: Okay. Now that party pooper's gone, let's get started, shall we?

Linda: So, um, what's my part in all of this?

Lucifer: Well, you went to medical school, correct?

Linda: Many... Many, many, many years ago.

Lucifer: Good. So you'll be the one bringing me back from the dead. Okay, who wants to kill me?

Lucifer is back at the hospital.

Lucifer: Ah, Daniel, there you are. Have you gathered the ingredients for the antidote yet?

Daniel: What? No, I've just been spending time with Chloe. Besides, those ingredients are useless without the formula.

Lucifer: Well, you might want to hop on it, because I'm about to get the formula.

Daniel: What? How?

Lucifer: Fairly certain you don't want to know.

Daniel: Well, you... You do what you have to. Ella and I will get those ingredients.

Lucifer: Right.

Linda and Maze are walking to a room where they will kill Lucifer.

Linda: This is crazy. I can't do this.

Maze: Yeah, and neither can I. These scrubs are so boxy. Even I can't pull 'em off.

A doctor watches Maze.

Maze: Scratch that. I can pull off anything.

Linda: Yes, you're right. We can do this. We can do this, right?

Maze: We have to. Chloe's life depends on it.

Linda: This is it. This is the room directly below Chloe's.

Lucifer explains the plan to Amenadiel.

Lucifer: Make sure no one moves the detective. I'll be in the room below, but she needs to remain in there for this to work.

Amenadiel: Because being close to her makes you vulnerable.

Lucifer: Well, killable, in this case, but yes.

Amenadiel: So I keep her here until you're dead?

Lucifer: No, no, no. The entire time.

Amenadiel: Even after you've already been killed?

Lucifer: Well, who knows what happens if I become invulnerable when I'm already dead. There's a good chance the doctor won't be able to revive me. And we don't want me to stay dead, do we? That was a rhetorical question.

Amenadiel: Right.

Lucifer: Right.

Amenadiel: And you trust me with this?

Lucifer: Brother, you're the most stubborn, bullheaded person I know. If anyone can prevent the detective from being moved, it's you.

Amenadiel: Luci?

Lucifer: What? What?

Amenadiel: Good luck.

Lucifer: Don't worry, brother… It feels like a good day to die.

Daniel enters in Ella’s lab.

Daniel: Ella? You got a package from CDC. How many more ingredients do we need?

Ella: Well, based off the list from that middleman dude, we've gathered all but one: a chemical called ZX3. Super rare, super illegal.

Daniel: How rare?

Ella: Let's put it this way: all my legal contacts are out of this stuff.

Daniel: Wait, you have illegal contacts?

Ella: You don't? Whatever. Some street racers secretly add drops of ZX3 to their fuel for a super shady advantage.

Daniel: How do you know that?

Ella: I used to steal cars. It's not fun if you don't drive 'em really, really fast. Anyway, I know where some black market ZX3 is locked up: a chop shop in NoHo. Problem is, I'm not sure I can get the owner to hand it over.

Daniel: And we don't have time for a warrant.

Ella: Well, desperate times...

Daniel: Call for a little B&E.

Ella: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Let's go.

Lucifer is getting ready for the plan.

Lucifer: Right, so one zap of this doohickey will stop my heart?

Linda: Uh, the defibrillator wasn't made for that, but yes. Not what I thought I'd be doing with my day. I'm gonna give you 60 seconds, then restart your heart to bring you back.

Lucifer: 60 seconds? I've had orgasms that last longer.

Maze: Time moves much slower down there. Remember?

Lucifer: Yes, but we only get one shot at this. What if you yank me out before I get the formula?

Linda: 60 seconds is already cutting it closer than I'd like. The brain only lasts three minutes after death. Or so I read. Just now... Like, on the ride over. Why am I doing this again?

Lucifer: Because you care about saving the detective's life almost as much as I do. Now, come on!

Linda: I also care about your life, Lucifer! Okay, ice to slow your brain cells from dying, and painkillers to, well, kill the pain.

Lucifer: Got it covered, thanks.

Lucifer drinks alcohol. Maze too.

Linda: Okay, Maze, just like I showed you.

Maze: Yeah, got it… Okay. You ready? I can't! You do it.

Linda: No, no, no, no. No, the deal was you kill him, I bring him back.

Maze: But you're the doctor!

Linda: And you're the demon from Hell!

Lucifer: Goodness sake.

Lucifer kills himself.

Maze: Whoa!

Linda: Oh, my God. He's dead… He's really dead.

Lucifer is back in Hell.

Trixie enters in Chloe’s bedroom.

Trixie: Who are you?

Amenadiel: I'm Amenadiel. I'm Lucifer's brother. He, uh, asked me to watch over your mom.

Trixie: Like a guardian angel?

Amenadiel: Yeah.

Trixie: I like your necklace.

Amenadiel: Thanks. I, um, I like yours too.

Trixie: A bad man did this to my mommy… Why are there bad people in the world?

Amenadiel: I really don't know. There might be bad people in the world, but you know what? There's a lot more good people in it.

Trixie: Really?

Amenadiel: Yeah. Like all the good people helping out your mom.

Trixie: Like you?

Amenadiel: Well, I'm, uh... I'm trying to be good.

Trixie: I think you're good.

Trixie hugs Amenadiel.

Lucifer is looking for the professor Carlisle’s cell.

Lucifer: Yes. About bloody time.

He enters. There is a car accident in this cell.

Student: Help! Help! Hey, hey, man, I'm tra... I think I'm stuck. Hey, can you help me? I think my arm's stuck. Just take my...

The professor takes his research and leaves. The car burs out.

Student: What?! Hey, man, I'm trapped! You can't leave me here! Hey! Help!

The witnesses tell the truth to Carlisle.

Man 1: Coward.

Woman1: No. Killer.

Jason Carlisle: No.

Woman 2: Murderer.

Woman 3: Monster.

Man 1: Killer. Coward!

Jason Carlisle: No, you don't understand. I had no choice… Leave me alone! Please!

Man 1: Coward!

Jason Carlisle: No!

Lucifer: Professor Jason Carlisle. Remember me?

They go apart.

Jason Carlisle: It keeps happening. Over and over. It's like I'm in Hell!

Lucifer: There's no "like" about it.

Jason Carlisle: What is this?

Lucifer: This is a torture of your own making. Fueled by guilt. With a little bit of flair thrown in for fun.

Jason Carlisle: Please. I need to get out of here. How do I get out?

Lucifer: Well, it's quite simple, you can't.

Jason Carlisle: What?

Lucifer: Not until you no longer believe you deserve it. And I have never seen anyone pull themselves out of here.

Jason Carlisle: Oh, God, no, no, no. No, no...

Lucifer: However, perhaps making some amends for your misdeeds might do the trick.

Jason Carlisle: Anything. Please. How do I make amends?

Lucifer: Well, before you so rudely ended your own life, you poisoned a detective. Someone who I care about very much. There's still time to save her. So, if you give me the formula to her antidote, perhaps your guilt might be alleviated.

Jason Carlisle: Yeah?

Lucifer: Tick tock, Professor!

Jason Carlisle: There… The formula. Does that make us good?

Lucifer: You tell me.

The witnesses are still here.

Lucifer: I didn't think so.

Jason Carlisle: No. No, please! No! No! No!

Lucifer is out from the cell.

Lucifer: Where's a resurrection when you need one? Could really use my flask right about now.

Lucifer hears music. He enters in a cell. Uriel is playing.

Uriel: I never could play as well as you, brother.

Lucifer: Uriel... I...

Uriel: I know. It's a lot to take in, isn't it?

Lucifer: I don't... I-I don't understand, Azrael's blade, it should've destroyed you, not sent you to Hell. You don't deserve to be here, brother.

Uriel: You're right, I don't. But you do.

Azrael’s blade is in Uriel’s belly.

Uriel: You think it's that easy to let go? Think again, brother.

Lucifer stabs Uriel.

Lucifer: No. No, no, no, no, no, no, what's happening? What's happening? I need to save the detective.

Uriel: But you just can't help yourself, can you?

Lucifer: You have to believe me, I didn't want this.

Uriel: And yet...

Lucifer stabs Uriel again.

Maze is watching the clock in Lucifer’s bedroom.

Maze: 60 seconds! Clear!

Lucifer’s heart is still stop.

Maze: I thought you said this would work, Linda!

Linda: Shh! Clear! No, no, no! What was I thinking?

Daniel and Ella break in a factory.

Daniel: This was always a terrible idea… You know, we are not cat burglars. We are totally gonna get caught.

Ella: "Cat burglars"? What are you, an old-timey desperado?

Daniel: I'm just saying we're a little out of our element.

Ella: Speak for yourself.

Daniel: Yeah, I noticed. Where'd you learn to pick a lock like that?

Ella: My grandma.

Daniel: Wow. And what exactly are we looking for again?

Ricardo: Hey! You picked the wrong place to rob.

Lucifer continues to stab Uriel.

Lucifer: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I can't make it stop.

Uriel: "It?" As if you had no part in it.

Lucifer: I don't! I didn't. I-I don't want this!

Uriel: Look at you. So pitiful. Stuck in the very Hell you once ruled. Trapped by your own guilt. And while we're pointing out how lame you are, you didn't even follow up on that thing I told you… What I whispered in your ear before I died.

Lucifer: What? "The peace is here"?

Uriel: The peace is here.

Lucifer: I... I thought that was just nonsense. The... The final ramblings of a dying brain. I... Unless you're saying you found peace in that moment, brother.

Uriel: Oh, Luci, Luci, Luci. You should know better than that. I'm all about patterns, predicting the future. My last words were a clue.

Lucifer: A clue? A clue to what?

Uriel: Well, you're the one who has to figure that out, aren't you? After all, I'm just in your head. I'm just a manifestation of your own guilty conscience. Speaking of...

Lucifer stabs Uriel.

Uriel: Ouch.

Lucifer: No.

Uriel: I hope you didn't leave any unfinished business up on Earth...

Lucifer: What?

Uriel: 'Cause you're never getting out of here.

Chloe is crushing.

Trixie: What's happening?

Nurse: Doctor just paged us. She's in V-tach.

Amenadiel: I don't know.

Nurse 1: Let's go wait outside, okay?

Doctor: Crash cart's on its way.

Amenadiel: It's okay, I'm gonna stay with your mom. Go with the nurse.

Doctor: Go ahead and turn her on her side.

Nurse 1: Crash cart standing by.

Nurse 2: She's seizing.

Linda can’t still bring Lucifer back.

Maze: This isn't right. Something's wrong in Hell.

Linda: What?

Maze: He's stuck. Trapped in one of those cells. That's why we can't revive him.

Linda: Okay, so then what do we have to do to bust him out?

Maze: Someone needs to go down there and pull him out. I'd go, but I can't.

Linda: Why not?

Maze: Demons don't have a soul. If I die, I just... Die.

Linda: Okay, that's definitely a discussion topic for another time, but right now, every second counts. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but... What if I go?

Maze: What? You? What makes you think you'd go to Hell and not Heaven?

Linda: There are things you don't know about me.

Maze: No. No way.

Linda: But Maze...

Charlotte enters in the bedroom.

Charlotte: Send me.

Maze: Well. Look who decided to show up.

Charlotte: I'll go down and get him.

Maze: You said you'd never go back.

Charlotte: Yes, I have a paralyzing fear of the place. But I would face a thousand Hells to save my son. Ever since I escaped, Hell's been constantly trying to pull me back. It's only my resistance that allows me to fight its pull. So, I just... Won't resist… So, how do we do this? It appears that we need to attach these little wires to the skin...

Maze kills Charlotte.

Linda: Maze!

Maze: Oops.

Charlotte is looking for Lucifer.

Chloe is still crushing.

Nurse: She's still in V-tach.

Doctor: Midazolam, four milligrams.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Doctor: Thanks. Get it in that line.

Nurse: I got the IV.

Doctor: There we go.

Nurse: Okay.

Doctor: We need to move her to CT.

Nurse: I'll call them.

Doctor: Sir. You need to move.

Amenadiel: I can't let her leave.

Doctor: We're trying to save her life.

Amenadiel: So am I.

Doctor: Security. Security!

Daniel tries to talk to Ricardo.

Daniel: I can explain. Just... Lower the weapon.

Ricardo: Yeah. You better explain. Before I shoot you for busting into my place...

Ella: Ricardo! Tranquilo, okay? No seas estúpido. Lower the gun.

Ricardo: W-What... Ella? What are you doing here?

Daniel: You know this guy?

Ella: Only since birth. Dan, meet Ricardo, my idiot brother.

Ricardo: I'm not an idiot.

Ella: Sorry. Thieving, cowardly, neglectful idiot.

Daniel: This is your brother?

Ella: Yep.

Daniel: Then why didn't you just ask him for the ZX3?

Ella: 'Cause after I moved out here to keep an eye on him, he totally ghosted me! I get it. Okay? You want to keep your law enforcement sis away from your shady shenanigans… Watch. He's gonna try and say he doesn't have any ZX3.

Ricardo: I don't have any ZX3.

Ella: We're not here to bust you.

Daniel: Yeah, man. We're the ones who are breaking and entering.

Ella: Exactly. Totes illegal.

Ricardo: Come on, Ella. You know better. All right? I can't take any chances.

Ella: Ricky. The ZX3's for a friend. Without it, she's gonna die… And I really don't want her to die.

Ricardo: Follow me… I hate you.

Ella: I love you, too.

Lucifer continues to stab Uriel.

Uriel: I-I know. I know. Hurts you more than it does me.

Lucifer: Please, please, forgive me, brother. I had no choice.

Uriel: Do you really believe that?

Lucifer: No.

Lucifer stabs Uriel. Charlotte enters.

Charlotte: Lucifer!

Lucifer: Mum? What are you doing here?

Charlotte: I'm your rescue party of one. You don't belong down here. Not anymore.

Lucifer: But look. Look what I've done.

Charlotte: Lucifer, this Uriel isn't real. I wish he was. I so badly want to see my son again… But he's just a part of your Hell.

Lucifer stabs Uriel.

Charlotte: No. You were... You were just trying to save us. This isn't your fault… It's mine… I am to blame for all of this… Ever since... Ever since I returned, I've been... I've been manipulating you. Stoking your anger against your Father in hopes of using you against Him… But... But I've just made things worse. I pushed you and that human closer, knowing it would crush you when you learned the truth. And now look at us. Stuck in this prison while Chloe is dying.

Lucifer: Chloe. No. I killed Uriel because I had to. To save you. To save the detective. And I need to save her now… Mum. Mum? We need to leave… Mum?

Charlotte: Why would we leave? Uriel is right here. We can stay. Be a happy family.

Uriel: I've missed you so much, Mother.

Lucifer: Mum? Mum. Mum! Come on. You pulled me out of my guilt, there's no time to get stuck in yours. Come on. Come on!

Uriel: Please, don't abandon me.

Charlotte: Oh no.

Uriel: Not again. Please.

Lucifer: Mum. Mum.

Charlotte: No... No. Lucifer... No, please.

Lucifer: Shh.

Charlotte: Uriel! My sweet boy!

Lucifer: He's not real.

Charlotte: Lucifer! My sweet boy.

Lucifer and Charlotte leave the cell. Amenadiel is fighting with the security guard. Daniel gets the ZX3. Linda brings Lucifer back, then Charlotte. Lucifer finds Amenadiel.

Chloe wakes up.

Lucifer: Well. Look who's back. You didn't die after all. That makes one of us.

Chloe: I heard you saved me.

Lucifer: Well... Much as I'd like to take all the credit, this one was a... A team effort.

Chloe: You know, this whole poisoning thing has just... Really put a pause on everything That's been going on with you and I, so... Should we just pick up where we left off?

Lucifer: I think, right now, you just need to focus on feeling better, Detective.

Chloe: Would you have someone bring Trixie in?

Lucifer: Yes. Yes, of course.

Chloe: And we'll talk. We'll talk later, yeah?

Lucifer leaves. Charlotte runs to him.

Charlotte: How is the detective?

Lucifer: She'll be fine.

Charlotte: And... What about the two of you?

Lucifer: Well, it was never real, was it?

Charlotte: Lucifer, I am so sorry.

Lucifer: Father brought her into existence just to put her in my path.

Charlotte: Yes.

Lucifer: The whole thing's been a sham, Mum. Long con… And I fell for it.

Charlotte: You can't blame yourself. This is all His doing. And He should be punished for it.

Lucifer: Oh, make no mistake, I plan on that. I mean, how can I trust anything, anyone, now that I know He might be behind it all?

Charlotte: Well, you can trust me.

Lucifer: Can I, Mum?

Charlotte: Yeah.

Lucifer: You're as bad as He is. Worse, maybe. At least He doesn't pretend to love me.

Charlotte: Lucifer. I do love you. I went back to Hell for you. I helped save the detective, for you. Doesn't that count for anything?

Lucifer: It's too little too late, Mother. You set out to break my heart. Well... Mission accomplished.

Charlotte: Lucifer...

Lucifer: No… No more manipulations. This feud that you have with Father, I refuse to be caught in the middle any longer. I am tired of being a pawn… So, no more. I'm done.

Charlotte: Lucifer. Lucifer.

Chloe drives to Lucifer’s place.

Chloe: Hey. It's me again. Voicemail 337. Obnoxious, right? But, um... It's just that you... You haven't been picking up, or returning my calls, so... Uh, I'm on my way over. So, hide the strippers. Um... Yeah, um.... I just hope you're okay. Okay. Bye.

Chloe enters in the penthouse.

Chloe: Lucifer? Are you here? Lucifer?

Lucifer is gone.

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labelette  (09.03.2018 à 20:13)

Un épisode au top ! Un des meilleurs de la série pour l'instant.

Maze et la sy sont vraiment géniales, comme le dit natas. Et Lucifer en enfer, sacré retour aux sources. Si Maman n'était pas intervenue, il y serait peut-être resté. Eh oui il est ferait n'importe quoi pour Chloe, c'est mimi.

Le titre me fait penser à Derek dans Grey's Anatomy, même si pour lui "c'est un beau jour pour sauver des vies" alors qu'ici c'est "une belle journée pour mourir'

natas  (19.02.2017 à 21:37)

J'ai aimé cette enquête sur 3 épisodes avec les poisons !

La team commence a bien prendre forme !

Maze et la psy sont au top ! (les autres aussi : la legiste, dick, armandiel)

Pas super convaincu par le cliff par contre.. pauvre Chole

Ecora  (31.01.2017 à 04:06)

Oh my Gosh !!!!!!!!!

Un episode de malade avec une fin suspense.  Ne perdez pas la tête jusqu'au 1 er mai. :D 

Qu'est ce qu'il ferait pas pour Chloé notre petit Lucifer ! Même son frère lui en fait la révélation !!! Maze a eut une petite revanche (courte mais tellement jouissif) sur Mamazilla. Par contre j'espère qu'il va pas rester trop longtemps hors des radars notre Luci, because it is real. :D


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