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#218 : Nouveau départ

Après que Charlotte ait accidentellement tué un homme en légitime défense, Lucifer fait tout pour que Chloe ne découvre pas la vérité. Lucifer demande à Maze de trouver Charlotte et Amenadiel, qui ont tous deux disparu à la lumière des derniers événements, alors qu'il essaie de trouver une solution permanente pour la bombe à retardement qu'il appelle "maman".


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The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy

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Nouveau départ

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Amenadiel & Dan

Amenadiel & Dan

Dan (Kevin Alejandro)

Dan (Kevin Alejandro)

Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer)

Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer)

Linda dans son bureau (Rachael Harris)

Linda dans son bureau (Rachael Harris)

Chloe Decker (Lauren German)

Chloe Decker (Lauren German)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Maze (Lesley Ann Brandt) blessée

Maze (Lesley Ann Brandt) blessée

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis)

Lucifer, soigné par Trixie (Tom Ellis & Scarlett Estevez)

Lucifer, soigné par Trixie (Tom Ellis & Scarlett Estevez)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) active l'épée

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) active l'épée


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Guests : Marcus Coloma (Hector Ruiz), Shannon Chan-Kent (Kathleen Lyon), Nicole Brown (Infirmière), Stephi Chin-Salvo (Ava Lyon)

Réalisateur : Karen Gaviola
Scénariste : Ildy Modrovich

Charlotte staples her belly.

Charlotte: Hello? It's Charlotte Richards. I need a favour.

Amenadiel is happy.

Amenadiel: Would you look at that, Luci? It really is the final piece. Unbelievable.

Lucifer: Oh, no, I believe it. It's classic Dad. Hanging the final piece of the Flaming Sword right under our noses... Well... Your nose, this entire time… I know, right? It's ridiculous. I mean, if that isn't the biggest celestial bird Dad's ever flipped.

Amenadiel: What are you talking about? This means that I'm the favourite son.

Lucifer: Uh, no, it means that once again Dad is manipulating us six ways to Sunday. But, hey, what's new? At least we have it now. So... Well, hand it over, Brother. The sword's not gonna ignite itself. It... Oh, just give it to me. Give it to me. Right, don't be silly, Brother. You know I'm ten times stronger than you.

Amenadiel: But I'm the favourite.

Lucifer: Oh, right. Of course. That one… Right, don't make me hurt you. Remember, you're not the angel you once were.

Amenadiel: No, Luci, you're right, I'm not.

Lucifer: Well, oh. I didn't mean to make you all broody again.

Amenadiel: No, it's okay. I just need a little time to process what it all means.

Lucifer: Process? Okay. Fine. Suppose we're in no real rush. Process away… I think I've got E.T. on the DVR if you need a good weep and a pint of Haagen-Daz in the freezer if that helps.

Linda enters in her office. Charlotte was waiting for her.

Linda: You scared me. God!

Charlotte: Goddess. But whatever. I need medical attention. I'm wounded.

Linda: Then go to a hospital.

Charlotte: This isn't exactly a human injury, and since you know who, or rather what I am, I would appreciate it if you would just patch me up.

Linda: Why does everybody keep doing this to me? I am a doctor, but patching people up isn't my thing.

Charlotte: Oh… It is now.

Linda: Suppose I could take a gander.

Charlotte: Wonderful… I should warn you, you might have to...

Charlotte opens her dress and her light burn the wall.

Charlotte: Duck.

Linda: What?! Who did that to you? I mean, was it Lucifer? I-I mean... Not on purpose, you know. Accidentally, like with that Flaming Sword thingy… All right, let me see what I got here… Okay, duct tape. Trust me. This stuff's amazing.

Lucifer is checking his phone.

Lucifer: This is ridiculous. You have experience with emotionally fragile men, don't you?

Chloe: You're self-aware today.

Lucifer: No, I meant Dan. Anyway, tell me, how do you stop them from overthinking everything?

Chloe: Who's overthinking?

Lucifer: Amenadiel. Leave it to him to turn a compliment into something to angst over. I mean, he should be happy he's Dad's favourite.

Chloe: Wait, your dad didn't actually tell you guys that, did he?

Lucifer: Well, in so many Sumerian words, yes.

Chloe: You know, the more I hear about your dad, the more I understand why you're... You know, you.

Chloe and Lucifer arrive on the crime scene.

Ella: Body dump. Weird one, too, and not just 'cause of the obvious buck naked, deep-fried head thing. But someone also shaved this poor guy's entire body.

Lucifer: Well, maybe our poor killer's just chaetophobic. Fear of hair. Always fun when they turn up in Hell. Lots of wigs involved.

Ella: But I'm pretty sure... This guy got a bath in bleach.

Chloe: So, whoever dumped him is a pro.

Lucifer: It's like he just vanished off the face of the Earth.

Ella: I know. But it's pretty tough for someone to cover every track.

Chloe: If anyone can find something, it's you, Ella.

Ella: Aw, that is so sweet!

Lucifer: Yes, well, u-until you do, I've got some personal business I need to tend to.

Ella: 'Cause, you know, you're not so much with the nice words, but when they come out...

Lucifer is trying to enter in Linda’s practice but it’s closed. Linda finally opens the door.

Lucifer: Doctor.

Linda: Hi. Lucifer, what's up?

Lucifer: I'm wondering if you've seen Amenadiel.

Linda: Nope. Haven't seen that family member. No.

Lucifer: Can you stop being weird and just let me in?

Lucifer enters.

Lucifer: Mum. What are you doing here?

Charlotte: Oh, you know, girl stuff.

Lucifer: Naked girl stuff? Dr. Linda, I had no idea… What is that? All right, out with it, Mother.

Charlotte: It's nothing. That spoiled brat, Chet Ruiz, stabbed me, and now I'm bleeding light. It's... It's no big deal.

Lucifer: What? That's a huge deal. Mum, if your powers are returning to this degree, then your human body won't be able to contain it, you'll... You'll burst. Oh, no. I need to find Amenadiel now.

Charlotte: I'd rather you didn't. I mean, it's bad enough that you'll be worried.

Lucifer: No, that's just it, Mum. Amenadiel has the missing piece of the sword.

Charlotte: You're k... You're kidding. Son, why didn't you say something? Now we can finally ignite it and cut through the Gates of Heaven and I can see my... I can... I can see my children.

Lucifer: Yes. Yes, but for now, I need to find Amenadiel and you need to stay away from humans… You're a... Ticking bomb.

Charlotte: Uh, um, actually, speaking of that, I... May have already harmed... Someone.

Lucifer: Oh, no. No, no, no. I just came from a crime scene... The man with a burned head. Please tell me that isn't Chet. The detective is on that case.

Charlotte: Well, not to worry. I had a pro clean up the mess.

Lucifer: You don't understand. The Detective is good, annoyingly good.

Charlotte: Well, then we just need to find Amenadiel, don't we?

Lucifer: Yes.

Charlotte: And get the piece.

Lucifer: Because if we don't get you back to Heaven before the detective gets to you, then she is quite literally toast.

Lucifer knocks on Chloe’s door. Trixie opens.

Trixie: Did you slip on a banana peel, too?

Lucifer: What?

Trixie: I'm afraid you're gonna need surgery.

Maze: Don't fight it. The kid's fierce.

Lucifer: I...

Trixie is fixing Lucifer.

Lucifer: So, I left Mum in the wine cellar at Lux, and that's the situation. Ouch.

Maze: Baby. I still don't get why you're here.

Lucifer: Because I need the best bounty hunter out there. I can deal with the detective, but I need you to find Amenadiel. Then we can get the pendant, assemble the sword before Mum spews light everywhere.

Trixie: You don't have to speak in code. I can handle adult stuff.

Maze: So what if your mother explodes? Why should I care?

Lucifer: Because many, many humans could get hurt.

Maze: Yeah, and?

Lucifer: Oh, nice try, Maze, but I happen to know there's a few that you care about.

Maze: Fine. But you pay me my standard fee. No freebies.

Lucifer: Absolutely… Oh. Love me a lolli.

Trixie: Sorry, wussies don't get any.

Chloe askes question to Chet’s brother.

Chloe: So, I ran the prints, and it came back as your brother Chet… I'm sorry. I know that you've been living in Mexico, but can you think of anyone who may have wanted your brother dead?

Hector: My family had many enemies. It's why I left, to get away from the Ruiz empire. I tried to get Chet to go with me, but...

Chloe: But, unfortunately, he got involved in the family business.

Hector: I know you were the one who put my mother in prison. I also know you were after Chet, so I know what you think of my family… But I loved my brother… He didn't deserve to die. Especially not like that.

Chloe: No one deserves to die like that. Look, I'm gonna work this case as carefully and fairly as I would any other case. I promise you.

Lucifer breaks an evidence at Ella’s lab.

Lucifer: Ah, oopsie daisy. There goes that clue. Klutzy me.

Ella: Aw, don't worry, buddy. I am a total klutz myself. Which is why I always make a backup.

Lucifer: Oh, good.Hope it leads us straight to Chet's killer.

Ella: Oh, no, that's from another crime scene. I got a big steaming pile of nada from the Chet Ruiz crime scene.

Lucifer: Oh, good... Ness me, that is awful.

Chloe: Please tell me you have something.

Lucifer: No, no, nothing. It's so frustrating.

Ella: Well, there is one thing I'm waiting on.

Lucifer: But I thought you just said we had nada.

Ella: Well, so the only thing we know for sure is that someone had to drive there to dump the body. So, the tech team is checking the vicinity for cameras, but it's such a remote place, so don't get your hopes up.

Lucifer: Ooh, yes. I think you're right, Miss Lopez. Sadly, the only witness to this one is my dear old dad.

Ella: Oh, right. Yes, your dad... Is always watching. Wait a second. That gives me an idea.

Lucifer: It does?

Ella: Satellite imaging takes sporadic photos of, well, everything, so...

Chloe: So there may be footage of the killer going to or from the warehouse.

Ella: Exactly. I mean, it's a long shot, but thank you, Lucifer.

Lucifer: You're so welcome.

Amenadiel make some improve.

Amenadiel: It's me. God chose me. I'm the favourite son. This whole time, I actually thought that God had lost faith in me, but it was me. I lost faith in him. I can see that now… That losing my powers must have been a test… And if so, I failed…I'm so sorry, Father.

Partner: Yes, and how was your pork chop?

Daniel: Okay, that's great. We'll cut right there. Hey, can I have the lights please? So, uh, good job. But there are a few subjects that we try to avoid: you know, religion, politics, anything too polarizing. Okay?

Amenadiel: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Totally understand. I got this.

Daniel: Perfect. All right, let's give 'em another scenario.

Woman: Oh, uh, zookeepers and the giraffe is pregnant.

Daniel: Okay. You guys ready? Action.

Partner: Oh, man! I think she's going into labour! Help me!

Amenadiel: How can I help when I'm supposed to kill my own father?!

Daniel: And cut… It's a little dark, buddy.

Amenadiel: Hmm.

Daniel: You know, just try to have fun with it.

Amenadiel: But I thought you told me this helped you work through difficult personal matters.

Daniel: I did.

Chloe and Lucifer are walking in the street.

Chloe: APB got a hit that it was parked in the lot across the street.

Lucifer: I'm telling you, we're wasting time.

Chloe: It was the only vehicle parked near the crime scene between midnight and 5:00 a.m.

Lucifer: Yes, but how do you know this parked van's even the same one? I mean, there's no license plates on this image.

Chloe: Oh, come on! How many vans have dandelions on the side?

Lucifer: They're not dandelions, they're jellyfish.

Chloe: What? Jellyfish?

Lucifer: Right, yes. Well, I'm simply saying that we should be focusing on more pressing criminal issues.

Chloe: Such as?

Lucifer: Well, I'm glad you asked, actually. The death of Celeste McDougall. Very suspicious, indeed.

Chloe: She was 92.

Lucifer: Yes, and fit as a fiddle. I mean, look at that smug face. Look.

Chloe: I know. Yeah, I got it, I got it. .. LAPD! Don't move! You still think we're wasting our time?

Lucifer: Definitely rethinking the lasagna I had for lunch.

Ava: Oh, my gosh. This is not what it looks like.

Lucifer: What? Minions day out?

Chloe: Take your hoods off, slowly.

Ava: I know this looks bad, but we can explain. I'm Ava. This is my sister Kathleen.

Kathleen: Hi. How ya doin'?

Lucifer: Friendliest serial killers ever.

Kathleen: Oh, that's hilarious. We're not killers. God, no. We run Dandy Lyon Cleaners. Lyon's our last name. Get it?

Ava: We take care of crime scenes, dead body removals. All the icky stuff.

Kathleen: But totally legit. Yeah, like this poor guy, died of a heart attack.

Ava: Like, two weeks ago.

Lucifer: Right, well, perfectly good explanation. I knew it. Shall we, Detective?

Chloe: Wait, wait, wait. Why was your van outside of an abandoned warehouse in Eagle Rock at 3:00 a.m. last night?

Ava: I'm... Pretty sure you're mistaken. We were nowhere near that area.

Kathleen: Well...

Ava: Ugh, no. Eagle Rock. Do not tell me you went to see Fred again. I thought you were done with that jerk.

Kathleen: I was, till I ran into him at Jamba Juice.

Lucifer: Understand completely. I mean, what's more intoxicating than a Mango-A-Go-Go? Alibi sorted. We'll leave you here with Soupy, and we'll be on our way. Come on.

Chloe: No. Wait, wait. Hold on. Can I talk to you for a second?

Lucifer: Yes?

Chloe: Enough with this. Why are you trying to rush our investigation? Why are you still hiding things from me after all we've been through?

Lucifer: You know I don't lie, Detective.

Chloe: But you also don't tell the whole truth… Does this have to do with what you were upset about this morning, with your family?

Lucifer: Yes, but I can't explain, because you wouldn't understand.

Chloe: Not if you don't talk to me… Never mind. I thought we were past this. Going backwards, Lucifer, is not good. For anyone.

At the end of the class, Daniel encourages Amenadiel.

Daniel: Trust me, dude, you're gonna find this really freeing once you get the hang of it. And I'll help you through it. Just takes practice.

Amenadiel: You're a good man, Daniel.

Daniel: Yeah.

Amenadiel hugs Daniel.

Daniel: Ooh! Okay. All right. Wow. You're strong… That family is so weird.

Daniel leaves, Maze enters.

Maze: "You'll get the hang of it. It just takes practice." And that hug. You guys doing it?

Amenadiel: So, what are you even doing here?

Maze: I'm bounty hunting you, thanks to Lucifer. Time to assemble the sword, Amenadiel.

Amenadiel: I don't know that I want to, Maze. Father entrusted me with the final piece. That changes things.

Maze: Are you coming with me or not?

Amenadiel: Think about it, Mazikeen. All of my actions, all of my feelings, they were all just based on lies. You see, I thought I had fallen, and I...

Maze tazes Amenadiel.

Maze: I don't get paid by the hour.

Chloe is doing researches on her computer. Ella arrives.

Ella: Oh, my God! Are you going to Paris? Can I be your travel buddy? I love Paris. Les hommes, oh, très sexy, romantiques, avec...

Chloe: This is the Paris hotel in Vegas, actually.

Ella: Oh. Not... Going there. Vegas and me... Not pretty.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm not going, either. But Kathleen Lyon's ex Brad did, and according to his Wobble page, he's been partying there all weekend.

Ella: Oh, well, that blows up Kathleen's reason for being in Eagle Rock at 3:00 a.m. You think our two sweet, "legit" cleaners are up to something not so legit?

Amenadiel is waking up at the penthouse.

Lucifer: Hello, Brother. I notice you've changed your look. Where's your pretty necklace?

Amenadiel: Oh, I've put it in a safe place.

Lucifer: Ah. Keister it, did you?

Maze: Nope. Already checked. Not there.

Lucifer: Lovely. Listen, Amenadiel, I need the final piece.

Amenadiel: Right. So you and Mom can slice through the Gates of Heaven and destroy Father. Yeah. I know.

Lucifer: Right. Maze, darling, would you mind running down to the wine cellar and fetching Mum? I think she'd like to hear this.

Amenadiel: I've been thinking about this, deeply. And I think that we've been looking at things the wrong way.

Lucifer: Oh?

Amenadiel: That necklace was a gift. It's not some manipulation.

Lucifer: Well, you only think that because it was gifted to you.

Amenadiel: No, no, Luci! It's all about perspective. Father doesn't always make things clear, because he wants us to form our own beliefs. And I strongly believe that I am to guard that piece. Now, I may have lost my way, but that doesn't mean that I can't rectify things now.

Lucifer: Fine. What if I was to tell you I never planned on destroying Dad?

Amenadiel: I'd say you were full of it.

Lucifer: Yes, I want to assemble the sword, yes, I want to cut through the gates, blah, blah, but then I was just gonna kick Mum into Heaven and slam the gates behind her. Let the two lovebirds torture each other for eternity.

Amenadiel: And that's better?

Lucifer: Yes.

Amenadiel: No! Regardless of whether you're with Mom or not, I simply can't let Mom loose on Dad. Now, it is finally time that I go back to being the loyal soldier that he entrusted me to be. Mom is not going anywhere!

Lucifer: Well, I am afraid that we do not have a choice, Brother! Mum's powers are returning, and it won't be long before we can't contain them. I mean, she's already killed one person, and now the detective is on a... The Detective is on her case. So, please, no discussion. Mum has to go!

Maze: She already has. Your mother's gone.

Lucifer: What?

Linda opens the door of her practice.

Charlotte: It's Cheval something or other. It's valuable, so it must be good.

Linda: I wasn't expecting to see you or your... Deadly light back so soon.

Charlotte: Well, something's been bothering me. When you first saw my wound... You asked if Lucifer had done it… What did you mean by that?

Linda: I meant nothing by it. You know? Meaningless brain fart, you know? Just blah. Came out. There was a lot going on that day.

Charlotte: Hmm. I don't think so. I think, in fact, that you know something. I don't want to hurt you, Linda. I... Am running... Out of time. You've seen what's happening to me. So you can either tell me what you know over a glass of wine or over your own charbroiled corpse. Your choice.

Chloe and Daniel are the new crime scene.

Chloe: I came here to grill Kathleen on the false alibi.

Daniel: Whoa. Somebody already had, huh?

Chloe: Yeah. It's Ava Lyon. I'm thinking whoever killed Chet hired the Lyon sisters to clean up, then cleaned up the cleaner.

Kathleen: Excuse me, what is going on? I work here… Ava!

Chloe: Stop.

Kathleen: Oh, my God. What did I do?

Chloe is interviewing Kathleen at the station.

Kathleen: It's me, only me. Ava knew nothing about it. I wasn't lying about Brad. I did get back together with him, but he gambles a lot, and he needed money. Then I got this call offering me a hundred grand.

Chloe: Who hired you? Who killed Chet and your sister?

Kathleen: Maybe Ava's death was a warning. For me to keep my mouth shut. Maybe if I don't say anything...

Amenadiel and Lucifer are at Lux.

Amenadiel: So how do we find Mom? Follow the trail of roasted humans?

Lucifer: Well, if anyone can find that wily goddess, it's Maze. She's on it.

Lucifer’s phone rings. It’s Chloe. She’s at the station.

Lucifer: Detective. Everything all right?

Chloe: We found a body.

Lucifer: Another body?

Chloe: A burned head.

Lucifer: Same burned head?

Chloe: Yes.

Lucifer: So, what, you think whoever killed Chet killed again?

Chloe: Look, Lucifer, it's a long story, but the second victim is Ava Lyon. She's one of the cleaners we met. I have her sister Kathleen here, but she's not saying anything... She's scared. So I need you to come here, and I need you to do your mojo thing.

Lucifer: Yes, Detective, believe me when I say I want to find the killer as much as you do.

Charlotte: Hello, boys.

Lucifer: Mum.

Chloe: What? What? What's going on?

Lucifer: I-I'm so sorry. My mum's here. I-I've got to rush. Good luck with Kathleen. Ciao.

Chloe: Damn it.

Ella: What's wrong?

Chloe: Lucifer. He's... He's hiding something from me, I can tell.

Ella: Oh, you know what? It's probably just embarrassing family stuff. I mean, they seem totally bonkers.

Chloe: Yeah. Maybe. He is with his step-mom now, so... So maybe... Maybe he's not hiding something from me, but someone… Someone who knew Chet. And someone I still don't trust.

Charlotte is drinking alcohol.

Amenadiel: What have you been doing?

Charlotte: Oh... This and that.

Lucifer: This being firing up the celestial barbecue so that you can grill another head?

Charlotte: No. I just needed to get cleaned up. Get some air. I was feeling a little claustrophobic. Don't you just hate being kept in the dark? The good news is you found Amenadiel. So we have the piece?

Lucifer: Yes. Well, interesting story, actually. Why don't you tell her, Brother?

Amenadiel: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. This one's all you. Brother, I insist.

Lucifer: Thank you. Right. Well, uh, upon careful consideration, we've decided this whole Flaming Sword plan is a crap idea.

Amenadiel: Yes, crap.

Lucifer: Mm. Have you ever considered finding, well, I don't know, a-a place of your own?

Amenadiel: Yeah. Somewhere away from Dad, maybe?

Lucifer: Yes. Somewhere familiar, warmer, perhaps?

Charlotte: You want... You want me back in Hell?

Lucifer: Well, not in Hell, per se, but in charge of Hell. I mean, after all, it is a kingdom without a ruler.

Amenadiel: He is right. I mean, there's a great opportunity for upward mobility.

Lucifer: Lick of paint here or there. The columns would look great in white… Beige?

Charlotte: So it's true. You are working against me. You never planned on going with me to Heaven.

Lucifer: Wait. How did you find out?

Charlotte: Well, I persuaded... Your little doctor. I'm sorry. I had no choice.

Lucifer: What did you do? Mum.

Amenadiel: Mom. Listen, I understand. You're angry.

Charlotte: Oh, I'm not angry. Just disappointed… Give me the piece!

Amenadiel: No, Mom… You're gonna have to kill me.

Charlotte: Guess I'll have to find another way, won't I?

Charlotte leaves.

Lucifer: Well, now look what you've made her do. I've just had this tuned!

Amenadiel: Me? How about you suggesting Hell as a retirement home? Nice. Maybe if you had just mentioned the pottery class or water aerobics, she would have gone for it.

Lucifer: Oh, and did you have a better idea?

Amenadiel: Mom's coming undone, Luci… In every way.

Lucifer: I know. And she doesn't care who she hurts anymore… Linda.

Amenadiel: I'll go check on Linda. You go after Mom, she'll listen to you. But, Luci, don't you dare promise her that piece, because I won't give it to her.

Chloe and Daniel find Charlotte.

Charlotte: Well, well. Someone's clever. How did you get me?

Daniel: Wasn't that hard. We tracked your phone.

Charlotte: No, I mean, how did you figure out I was the bad guy? Did Little Miss Dandy Lyon tell you?

Chloe: It's over, Charlotte. Put your hands up.

Charlotte: Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to resist. I'll tell you everything you want to know. I just have one small request.

Lucifer is in the parking, his phone rings.

Lucifer: Detective. Any chance you've seen my Mu...

Charlotte: Looking for little ol' me? You were right, dear. Your detective is quite good. She caught me.

Lucifer: Where are you?

Charlotte: Santa Monica Pier. Such a beautiful place. So many people.

Lucifer: If you hurt anyone, Mum, if you hurt her...

Charlotte: And if you and your brother had just given me what I needed. But who knows? Maybe you still can.

Chloe: Okay, that's enough.

Lucifer: Mum!

Chloe: Start talking.

Charlotte: Just the two of us. If that's all right. I'd rather not put Daniel in... An awkward position. Hate to ruin all the good ones we've been in… Can we go outside?

Chloe: Mm-hmm. I'll be fine.

Charlotte kisses Daniel.

Charlotte: I'll miss you, Daniel. You are my favourite human.

Amenadiel hold on his phone.

Amenadiel: Hey. You find Mom?

Lucifer: She's on Santa Monica Pier, and she wants the piece… We have to give it to her, Amenadiel. We've run out of options. Please. Brother, please. She... She has Chloe.

Maze is on her way to Linda’s practice.

Maze: Linda! You here?! I'm tracking Lucifer's mom, and I think she might be on her way.

She enters in the office. Linda is hurt.

Maze: Oh, no. No, no, no! Linda. Hey. It's okay. I'm here. Okay? You're gonna be fine… She did this to you, didn't she?

Linda: She wanted to know what Lucifer's plans were. I didn't want to tell her. I tried to resist. I'm so sorry.

Maze: It's not your fault, okay? And you're going to be fine. I promise. I'm-I'm gonna fix you. Okay?

Amenadiel enters.

Maze: Help me.

Lucifer joins Daniel. He has the Flaming Sword.

Lucifer: Hello, Daniel.

Daniel: Whoa! Whoa, whoa! She kissed me.

Lucifer: Literally no idea what you're talking about. Just get your hands up. No, don't be silly.

I'm not gonna stab you. I'm just looking for something. Come on, up. Up!

Daniel: What are you looking for? Uh...

Lucifer: Hello.

Daniel: Whoa. What the...? Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Lucifer: Ah. Ah-ah-ah. It's my brother's. He left it there for safekeeping, so thanks for that. You're a lifesaver.

Chloe and Charlotte are talking.

Chloe: Okay, Charlotte, this has been a great chat, but are you gonna confess or what?

Charlotte: I'll never understand why you concern yourselves with one little human, but... Fine. Yes, I was involved in Chet's death, but not in the way you think.

Chloe: Well, correct me if I'm wrong. You killed him. You hired a cleaner to take care of the body. And then you killed the cleaner. Is that it?

Charlotte: The cleaner's dead? What? Oh, that's unfortunate. I certainly had nothing to do with that.

Chloe: But if you didn't, then who did?

Lucifer: Mom! I've got it. Now let the Detective go.

Chloe: Lucifer, put down the knife. You can't protect your mother anymore.

Lucifer: I'm not protecting her. It's you I'm trying to save. Now, here it is, Mum. I have the blade and the final piece. You let the Detective go, and they are yours.

Chloe: Let me go? Really? I'm the one holding her.

Lucifer: Mum?

Hector: No one's going anywhere!

Charlotte: Oh, I think we found our mystery killer.

Hector: How can you be so glib?! You were our lawyer! You betrayed us!

Chloe: Put the gun down, Hector.

Hector: Thank you for leading me to her, Detective. You promised to approach this fairly, and you did. But now I have to make things right for my family.

Lucifer: Ah! A little wrinkle. You shoot her and we're all dead, okay?

Maze is trying to help Linda.

Linda: I need a hospital.

Maze: Yes. Okay.

Amenadiel: It's too far, Maze. She won't make it.

Maze: We need to do something. We need more time. We just need more time.

Amenadiel uses his power to stop the time.

Maze: What are you doing?

Lucifer is trying to stop Hector.

Lucifer: Look, it's very difficult to explain, but believe me when I say that there are many, many lives at stake here. So, please, just put the gun down, huh?

Hector sees Daniel then he shoots.

Lucifer: No!

The time is stop.

Lucifer: Amenadiel. You son of a bitch.

Maze is shocked.

Maze: How?

Amenadiel: Go.

Lucifer and Charlotte fall off the pier. Lucifer reunites the Flaming Sword.

Lucifer: I'm sorry, Mum. But I'm afraid that this ends now… You've hurt so many people, Mum. It has to stop.

Charlotte: You know that everything I've done, I've done for, for us, for our family.

Lucifer: You used me. Used Chloe.

Charlotte: Me? What about your father? He created Chloe just to manipulate you… Lucifer, look. We have the sword. Finally, finally, we can get revenge. We can destroy him. We can take our home back.

Lucifer: I'm not leaving, Mum!

Charlotte: Okay. I can take care of it for both of us. Just give me the sword, and I'll do the rest. Please, son. I just... I just want a chance to start over.

Lucifer: But... Going home? That's not starting over, that's... That's going backwards. And that's not good for anyone… So it's time for you to move forward, Mum… Even if it means I'll never see you again.

Charlotte: Lucifer. No!

Lucifer cuts the world.

Lucifer: Bloody hell, it worked. I guess it can cut through anything, even the world itself.

Charlotte: What is that?

Lucifer: It's-it's nothing… At least, for now. This is the real way to move forward, Mum. To create a whole new world, your own world, without Father.

Charlotte: But what about you? Amenadiel? My children?

Lucifer: You know that if we go back to Heaven, then there will be a war. And in war, there are always casualties.

Charlotte: The last thing I want is to hurt my children.

Lucifer: I know. So, please, let there be light.

Charlotte: My angel. I will miss you... So much.

The Goddess leaves. Charlotte Richards fall on the sand. Lucifer spills the Flaming Sword, cats it in the universe and keeps Amenadiel’s necklace. The time starts over. There are gunshots. Hector is dead. Linda is at the ER. On the beach, Daniel runs to see how Charlotte is.

Daniel: Hey.

Lucifer: I'm sorry, Daniel. She didn't... Die.

Charlotte Richards wakes up.

Lucifer: Mum?

Charlotte Richards: "Mom"? My kids are... Ten.

Lucifer: Right, of course. Charlotte.

Charlotte Richards: What's... What's going on? Uh, why am I at the beach?

Daniel: You fell off the pier.

Charlotte Richards: I fell off the...?

Daniel: It's-it's okay. I got you.

Charlotte Richards: Who are you?

The paramedic takes Charlotte Richards at the hospital.

Lucifer: So what do you think will happen to Charlotte?

Chloe: Well, given her law firm's track record, probably not much. You know, the more I think about it, the more I think that Hector killed both victims.

Lucifer: What, you think he killed his own brother?

Chloe: I think you would be the first to agree. You know, things between families can get pretty heated.

Lucifer: Yes. Heated.

Chloe: Oh, and Ella found a Mondo blowtorch in Hector's car, so there's that.

Lucifer: Right.

Chloe: The only thing I still don't understand is you seemed to have some inkling of this from the very beginning, so... Why didn't you let me in on it?

Lucifer: Well, you...

Chloe: 'Cause at this point, you either trust me or you don't.

Lucifer: Detective, I trust you...

Chloe: Look, if you think that I wouldn't forgive you for your mistakes or your flaws, if you think that I don't know who you really are by now, you're wrong.

Lucifer visits Linda at the hospital.

Lucifer: Linda, look at you.

Linda: Lucifer. I'm okay.

Lucifer: This is my fault. I-I should never have got you involved in any of this from the start.

Linda: It's not like I didn't know I was dealing with the most powerful, well... The most dysfunctional family in the universe… Lucifer… I walked into this with my eyes wide open, chose to be your friend and face all that comes with that. The good, the bad and the crispy… What?

Lucifer: I just realized something that I need to do. But... Let's focus on you, shall we? That's enough about me.

Lucifer phones Chloe and lets a voice mail.

Lucifer: Detective. Hello, it's me. Lucifer. Um, I just wanted to apologize for being, well, for being so elusive. But I also wanted to say that I am done hiding. So I'm coming over now to tell you the truth about me. 'Cause I think it's time I finally opened your eyes as to why strange things sometimes happen around me. Why my brother's so saintly and Maze is so... Not. And I'm so... Well, magnetic. No, but s-seriously, I... I want to tell you everything… No more going backwards.

Someone knocks out Lucifer. He wakes up in the desert. His wings are back on his shoulders.

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